Injury lawyer wants you to be prepared

Injured in a crash with a motor vehicle on your bike? Now you can carry your very own accident report card.

In Fort Greene, one shop is staking it’s claim in the injury market by providing a form, cyclists can carry around, just in case.

Here is a recent article from the local Fort Green, Brooklyn section of the New York Times.

Injured? Cyclists Get Help Staking a Claim
By: Jesse D. Leon-CUNY J-School
Published: March 5th, 2012

Finally, an ambulance chaser for injured cyclists!

A Boston lawyer’s campaign to make biking safer — and, yes, drum up some business for his personal injury practice, has made its way to Fort Greene.


(photo caption: Mike Rodriguez, owner of Bicycle Station, holds an “accident report card” that he distributes to cyclists. Photo by : Jesse Leon)

Bicycle Station, a shop at Park Avenue and Adelphi Street, is the first in the neighborhood to stock lawyer Josh Zisson’s “Bicyclist’s Accident Report” — free, wallet-sized cards that remind cyclists to collect vital post-crash information, such as contact information for the driver or any witnesses, the time of the accident and the car’s plate number.

“I was having clients come to me, and
they didn’t have the right information to make a claim against the driver’s insurance company after they got hit,” said Mr. Zisson, 29. “I realized there’s no real protocol for when you get in an injury on a bike.”

Mr. Zisson started distributing the cards in October and has already handed out more than 10,000 around the country. He’s handled 15 and 20 bike crash cases so far, on contingency, of course.


The cards are especially useful because most cyclists are in a state of shock after getting hit, said Bicycle Station owner Mike Rodriguez.

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Note: Jesse D. Leon (writer of the article) is a second-semester student at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

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  • I was hit by a public bus (pedestrian vs. bus). They are at fault, and I have no auto insurance as I have no auto. They will probably pay my medical bills just fine, but I want to be prepared with a lawyer should I need one. What is the name of the type of lawyer I need?

    Ex: traffic, personal injury, insurance…