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Monster Track XIII Bike Race Takes to the Streets of NYC
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March 13, 2012

Monster Track 2012 took place in NYC on Saturday afternoon, as over 100 brakeless track bike racers took to the dangerous streets of New York to compete for the title of Monster Track XIII champ.

For those not familiar with messenger/track bike scene, Monster Track is the most prestigious of messenger alley cats in the world. An alley cat is basically a totally illegal, unsanctioned bicycle race, unique to the messenger community. In an alley cat, racers have the task of navigating the city in the same way that a messenger does. There is no specific “race route” racers are given a manifest with checkpoints, and are required to get signatures at each checkpoint the same as a messenger during his or her workday. The object is to finish the manifest first, the route is up to the individual, and if you happen to get ahold of a bus and skitch for 20 blocks, it’s all good.


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