Pictures from Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington

It’s stump time on the hill and people from across the country are rallying in Washington DC to push for legislation. Cyclists of the US are urging for more funding for bicycle related infrastructure and cyclo-cross champion, Tim Johnson rode to DC to raise awareness.

Here is a few pictures and information from loyal reader: Jacob Shields.

Jonathan Browning (L-in blue), president and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, Tim Johnson (center), six-time cyclocross champion and Bruno Maier (R), vice president of Bikes Belong

The second annual Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington concluded today in Washington D.C. after a grueling 500 mile ride from Boston to raise awareness of cycling initiatives. Over 100 riders joined the official participants to pedal the last miles to the Capitol. Participants, including President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, Jonathan Browning, Tim Johnson, six-time cyclocross champion, and Bruno Maier, vice president of Bikes Belong, pedaled through Hartford, New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore before reaching the National Bike Summit raising $90,000 for Bikes Belong Foundation. At the conclusion of the ride, participants signed the pledge, aiming to collect one million signatures to improve the future of bicycling.

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