Stolen Bike: Green Bianchi

Just got a sad email from Rachelle McKnight about her stolen Bianchi.

I am a very recent victim of bike theft in Astoria.

The bike was a mint green 1987 Bianchi racing bike with black tape
around the handle bars. Components were shimano. It was stolen in
broad day light in front of Kaufman Astoria Studios from a bike rack
in front of a heavily trafficked entrance. It was chained with a
heavy-duty square nylon wrapped chain lock. It is a small bike–I am
5’5 and it fit my frame perfectly. Unfortunately, it was a family
heirloom and I am very sad to see it go.

I had a picture of it but I recently (stupidly) cleared off a ton of
photos from my computer and it was one of the ones to go.

Any help would be appreciated!

Any information, please

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  • Bklynbiker

    Sorry your bike got stolen R, bring the next one inside. I rode to and worked out of that studio for years. There is room and KAS doesn’t care if you bring your bike in.