Video Friday-3/2/12


Veloviernes Febrero
by: Bikercko
the skinny: Live from Guatemala’s emerging bike scene.
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New York City’s Most Untalented Bike Thief
by: AnimalNewYork
the skinny: Terrible bike abuse from the world’s worst bike thief.
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New York City’s Most Untalented Bike Thief from on Vimeo.

EPIC Evel Knievel Bicycle commercial
by: spuzzlightyeartoo
the skinny: such a great commercial
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Fat Tire Farm
by: James Wilson
the skinny: (from Urban Velo)This video was sent to us via Amanda Sundvor from 21st Ave bicycles who seem to be doin’ it all right, so much so that Fat Tire Farm, their “sister shop”, took a page from their promotional book and made this shop video. Granted, it’s not necessarily urban-centric, but I’m diggin’ bike shops using the availability of video to get their name out there. Imagine how difficult it would be for our favorite shops to promote themselves if they were still relegated to buying television commercial space.

Fat Tire Farm from James Wilson on Vimeo.

#legendaryride; Bicykillers take Santa Monica
by: BlackburnDesign
the skinny: In this video, Blackburn teams up with the @Bicykillers as they take a legendary night ride through the streets of Los Angeles and the Santa Monica mountains. Not deterred by darkness but rather inspired by it, these cyclists step into another dimension along with good friends, abundant passion and of course, bright lights.
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Highway To Franco. A reckless journey
by: LAB8
the skinny: ”..A trip from Milano to Barcelona on fixed gear bikes? Ready alè let’s go ! ! ! Go finding that punk of Franco!”
HighWayToFranco was born.

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Highway To Franco . A reckless journey from LAB8 on Vimeo.

Simple Dream
the skinny: A short documentary film directed by Roman Neimann and Andzei Matsukevits.
Produced by Risto and Mario Kalmre. Following the dream-come-true story of an aspiring local BMX-rider Kristjan Aasmäe, the short film brings out the contrasts between the world famous wintertime BMX- and skateboarding event Simple Session in Estonia and the country’s own BMX-scene.

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SIMPLE DREAM (a short documentary) – online premiere! from Simple Session on Vimeo.

MASH Tuesday AM Ride
by: Mash Transit Productions
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Snowballs last chance in Hell rally
by: J.R.Hunter
the skinny: 18th Annual Snowballs last chance in Hell rally….Every February in Minneapolis.
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Snowballs last chance in Hell rally from J.R.Hunter on Vimeo.

The Tortoise and the Hurl
by: Speed Hound Bikes
the skinny: Who’s faster? A red-footed tortoise named Norman, or Tom ‘Hurl’ Everson of Cars-R-Coffins fame?

BMX time.

Volume Bikes: Mike Mastroni from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

POND 69bmx X AMP Bkk. from RONIN29. on Vimeo.

Matt Houck from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

San Antonio Sessions
by: Nike BMX
the skinny: Drop the Nike BMX team off in a city filled with rad spots and you get a ton of incredible riding. Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, and Nigel Sylvester throw down lines in this video that you will not believe.

For more information check out
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Leandro_Moreira – Bike_Check from Wellington Utida on Vimeo.

by: Mario Left
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INDEREQ BMX 2012 from Mario Left on Vimeo.

Danny MacAskill Insight 2012 – presented by Lezyne
by: theLezyneTube
the skinny: Profile of street trials rider Danny Macaskill. Using his new Lezyne Engineering tools, Danny Macaskill re-visits his old job, in the workshop of MacDonalds Cycles in Edinburgh Scotland and chats over his rise to success and how life has changed.

Some classic Giro d’Italia footage:

London International Invitational
by: Chan
the skinny: Highlights video from the 1st London International Invitational Bike Polo Tournament. A showcase of the best teams from around Europe, as part of the London Bike Show at the Excel Centre.
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London International Invitational 2012 from Chan on Vimeo.

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