Report and appearence from Brookyln Spoke

Doug Gordon runs the amazing informative blog about local bike politics. He recently posted about the situation with the construction on the Prospect Park West bike lane.
Photo via Paul Steely White.

DOT crews installing the new pedestrian islands on Prospect Park West have unearthed the old streetcar lines that used to run along the boulevard. You may remember that tracks were also unearthed at Union and PPW when DOT began constructing pedestrian and cycling improvements to Grand Army Plaza last year.

It’s just another reminder that change is quite literally built into the history of our city’s streets.

Good to know the sight of workman crews and diggers is not the success of a fiendish plot of cranky ex-politicians getting their way to have the lanes removed due to an obsession with car culture.
image from NY Press of New Am Bicycle Show 2011.

Doug will be speaking at the upcoming New Amsterdam Bicycle Show, Sunday, April 29th at Noon.

I’m hosting a “Bike Share Sneak Peak” at the show on Sunday, April 29th at noon:

–> Doug Gordon, the editor of, presents a sneak preview of New York City’s new bike share system. Representatives from the New York City Department of Transportation and the people behind Bike Share will talk about their plan to put 10,000 bicycles and 600 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn this summer.

My guest will be NYC DOT Policy Director Jon Orcutt, one of the driving forces behind the city’s bike share plan. I can’t promise answers to your most pressing questions (Who’s the sponsor? What color are the bikes? Will I get stations in front of my apartment, office building, and favorite restaurant?) but it should be a fun and interesting look at bike share systems around the world, what lessons New York City has learned, and where some of the stations will go when the system launches this summer.

I’m a big bike share geek, so this is a huge honor for me and should be a lot of fun. We’ll leave time for questions from the audience, so bring your curiosity and your enthusiasm for bike share! Plus, stick around after and we’ll grab a beer.

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