Stolen Bike Alert-1990’s Celeste Green Bianchi

Christine Carson recently had her beloved Bianchi stolen which was given to her as a gift from a friend who passed away. Heartbreaking. The bike was stolen from the Williamsburg Waterfront Park on Monday (4/16) It was locked to a friends bike on the rack with a cable that was cut by the thief. The bike was an 1990’s Biachi Campione with their classic celeste green. All Shimano components, white dorcus saddle and camo (grey, white and black) cork tape on the handle bars. Michelin tires (Bianchi Blue)

She did not have a picture of her bike but submitted one that was close (different handle bar tape)

Unfortunately, it’s the season for bike theft, so be extra vigilant about how you lock up.

Any info on this bike:

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