Bike to work day: Video Friday.

I’m in a construction lift, 80′ off the ground working on lighting for White Collar, here in lovely Yonkers…



So this gives me time to plunder a bunch of other bicycle blogs for another random edition of: Video Friday!

Title: Giro reverb session 1: Artist Chris McNally Rides San Francisco.
From: Urban Velo
Here’s a short video that tells the story behind the Giro ad in Urban Velo #31, It’s a profile of artist Chris McNally, who has done work for Puma, Levi’s, Ibis Cycles and more.

Title: How a bicycle is made.
From: Urban Velo
Let’s kick off the week of Bike to Work Day (5/18/12) with this simply awesome video that is what the title says, “How a Bicycle is Made”.

Part of me thinks I’m about to watch a Tom & Jerry cartoon and another part is waiting for the MST3K silhouettes to pop up and start delivering witty snark. But really, it’s just an incredibly fascinating and detailed video from 1945 that shows questionably young workers putting bikes together with “bracket pieces” and makes me wish for ye days of olde when the bike industry necessitated seemingly endless rows of warehouses to keep up with the demand.

Do you think this is how they do it in Taiwan today?

Title: Ninja Horny.
From: Urban Velo

Title: The Last Kilometer.
From: Urban Velo
A clip from The Last Kilometer, an upcoming film following cycling through five characters and five stories. From what I can see and have read, I’m going to like this film.

Title: Garage Race 2012
From: Urban Velo
Racing in a parking garage seems like a great time and a terrible idea all at the same time, though this one at least seems to be in a garage without any cars popping up unexpectedly.

Title: Boikzmoind DVD
From: Urban Velo
Videos about fixed gear bikes are a dime a dozen, so it takes something a little extra to make yours stand out. The folks in Bristol did just that when they put together this beautiful piece of work for a 30 minute documentary about fixed gear riding in the Bristol area called Boikzmoind. Instead of just releasing the video they also crafted a 95 page book to complement it, using screenprint and digital printing processes to bring it all together. The video looks to be shot with equal attention to detail, mixing standard philosophical waxings with a good dose of humor (what’s up with that bunny?!).

The package will run you $47 and you can purchase it here.
More shots of the book are here.

Title: Courier Culture
From: Urban Velo
A short film about the courier culture in Washington D.C.

Title: Spy Tour of California: Matthew Busche
From: Tracko
The California based eyewear brand Spy built this unique commercial to be a playful expression of its youthful, irreverent point of view by bringing an action sports approach to road cycling, as well as sending a “Youth Against the Old Guard” message. The idea was born of this: Matthew Busche—Spy athlete and 2011 U.S. National Road Race Champion—trains a lot. To be the best requires tremendous focus and hard work—which equates to pain. To get through it, Busche says his mind drifts in and out of daydreams. Told through the prism of Busche’s daydream, viewers journey with him as he imagines himself hitting the alluring trails of California’s coastal mountain ranges and doing some crazy stuff on a bike strictly built for pavement.

Title: Brussels Express
From: Tracko

Title: Turntable Rider created by Cogoo.

Title: Portland Design Works
From: Prolly

Title: Sean Martin for Affinity.
From: Prolly

Title: Deal with it TV: Sean O’Connell
From: Prolly

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