Congrats to Chas, winner of 2012 NACCC

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20120530-152917.jpg (picture from Prolly’s 2011 NACCC coverage in Chicago.)

Congratulations to Chaz (SF) for winning this Year’s 2012 North American Cycle Courier Championship, (NACCC2012) held last weekend in Richmond, VA.

20120530-153611.jpg(photo from: team murder-2010)

A great video from:

Let’s not forget our own Austin Horse taking 2nd place and Crihs Thormann taking 6th. Great job.

Full results posted on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide.

***Chas (SF)*Carrie (Bmore)***
2nd-Austin (NYC)
3rd-Matt Kuhn (RVA)
4th-Luke Stevens (RVA)
5th-Jim Cadenhead (SB)
6th Crihs (NYC)
7th Joe Chapman (ATL)
8th Kevin Sparrow (MKE)
9th Jeff O’neil (PA)
10th Rob Engleberth (DEN)
11th Nico (CHI)
12th Mike Malone (CHI)
13th Jeremy Cox (DEN)
14th Kate Shrock (DC) Most Proffesional
15th Marco (Philly)
16th Jordan Ganas (GA)
17th Josh Rovner (NYC)
18th Patrick Suddith (BMORE)
19th George Cantor (CLEV)
20th Todd Nelynk (PA)
21st Chris Rabadi (DC)
22nd Fred Marshall (SEA) Best All Around Rad Dude!
23rd Bruce Beran (DC)
24th AndyLarson (MPLS)
25th Geri Lacaj (NYC)
26th Brandon Goble (CHI) Cargo bike
27th Steven Obester (FL)
28th Sean Parker (BMORE)
29th Lewis Griffin (CLEV)
30th Jay Karonoski (CLEV)
31st Luis Avina (LA)


More coverage of the NACCC,




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