Gadgets: simple, bright and loud.

Here is a sleek concept bike, as seen on

“We re-thought everything two-wheeled, with simplicity in mind,” says Joey Ruiter of jruiter + studio, a Michigan-based design firm. “This is as stripped as you can get.”

Ruiter’s referring to their as-yet-unnammed inner city bike prototype, conceived of as a Spartan two-wheeler designed specifically for short-range urban travel and manufactured with the absolute bare minimum amount of materials.

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Nick James, artist extraordinaire and designer of my knuckle tattoo logo, alerted me of this new gem in bicycle visibility.

A Brooklyn design firm who came of with this new innovation in bike light.

Wired Magazine, affectionatley titled it: “If Apple designed a bicycle light it would look like this.”

It has a light sensor and accelerometer to turn on and off automatically when riding in the dark.

It attaches to the seatpost with a machined aluminum ring with an option of torx security bolts to keep it from getting stolen.

Of course they have Kickstarter.

Article in Wired.

And from the, “Downright ridiculous” department:
The World’s Loudest Bicycle-the Hornster.

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