Happy Anniversary Brommie Yummie!

Ah Food and Foldups.
Got this one from Steven Haung of

“Because of a recent Wall Street Journal online magazine article, I am reminded that 5/23/2010 was the first Brommie Yummie. (Thank you Bert from NYCeWheels for documenting the first ride on the video and thank you Jeff for the interview!) To check out the article, please go to:

Special thanks also to those of you who came out these past 2 years and supported Brommie Yummie. Without you, these rides wouldn’t be the same. And welcome to those who are new to this list.

To be more inclusive this year, we will launch Fold-N-Tell, the yummy ride for the un-brommie folders. For the upcoming 2012 Brommie Yummie and Fold-N-Tell Ride Dates, please go to:

Live long and bike safely… may you unfold and fold your Brommie* with grace and ease!

(* Please replace it with the folding bike of your choice.)

One more thing… to celebrate my passions for Tai Chi and Brommie, check out this very short clip:

Steven Huang

P.S. If you will be in NYC next few weekends, then please check out some of these other upcoming fun rides:

Friday 06/01 – Time’s up: Central Park Moonlight Ride.

Sunday 06/03 – Tour de Brooklyn.

Saturday 06/09 – Time’s Up: Prospect Park Moonlight Ride.

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