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Nona Varnado ( has a nice piece about Bamboo bikes in Berlin…

You may have seen the Bamboo bike studios that have popped up in Brooklyn and San Francisco, or at any of the Bike expos around the country. They’re pretty, environmentally friendly and have a strong DIY component with the option of taking a class and building one yourself. Personally I was always a little worried that there might be a little too much DIY involved for something that needs to hold weight, at velocity over the average lifespan of a bicycle. Perhaps I’m too finicky. In any case, I was happy to get contacted by Stefan in Berlin who’s part of a trio of awesome guys (Ozon Cyclery) bringing Bamboo Bicycles to Berlin with some serious technical design, build and testing qualifications. Plus they’re really pretty. (the bikes, I mean…)

Find out more: here. (from the Birdwheel)
Kickstarter page: here.

Born in the junkyards of America, here are a new line of bags made entirely out of recycled materials from First World Trash.


It’s not a front basket, it’s a new compartmentalized handlebar mounted pouch for smart phone, ipod, water bottle…you name it.

Check out the Bike Pouch, kickstarter page.

Saw this on the fine folks at my favorite urban bicycle culture magazine, Urban Velo.

Check out a new site for handmade awesome products for you and your bike:

More about them:

At BikeCraft℠ we go out of our way to curate a selection of quality, unique, and hard-to-find handmade products that showcase new and innovative ideas and provide unique, functional solutions to everyday issues.

Buying handmade means that you’re getting a product that was manufactured with the upmost attention to detail and design, not mass-produced in large overseas factories. Your purchase of a handmade, domestic product helps to support small businesses in the United States and spur the development of new ideas and creations.

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