New Bike$hare

Now that the new $41 million sponsored bike sharing program has been announced its had a little time to sink in. One of the resounding concerns with the new system is cost, with this being the most expensive share in the world. That’s so weird for NYC…not.

A number of news agencies have already began to weigh in on the cost and usage of the share.

Here are some tips from the Atlantic Reader on how to best use citibikeNYC:

How Not to Use New York’s Bike Share
By: Eric Randall
May 10th, 2012

New York ‘s Transportation Department and Citibank joint introduced their bike share program Monday, but rather than drool over the shiny blue bikes, journalists focused on the prices, which some thought to be too high. Critics aptly identified ways one could rack up a huge bill using the program, but some of their arguments ignored or undersold the way cities intend people to use the bike share system.

New York’s program will mimic popular bike sharing systems in dozens of other cities, like Washington D.C.’s Capital Bikeshare. Users can pay a daily, monthly, or annual fee to take bikes from electronic racks placed throughout the city and return the bikes to any other rack. Users pay an additional charge after the first 30 minutes that increases as one keeps the bike out longer. New York’s prices are higher than those in other cities, and this seemed to be the feature that captivated the coverage.

Read the article: here.

More from Felix Salmon of Reuters.

And Gothamist.

Also some insight from Animal New York.

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2 comments to New Bike$hare

  • Dick Bernauer

    Just buy yourself a VANMOOF bike and don’t ever EVER share it with anybody else. Much cooler than the shiny blue money pits

  • JS

    Such lazy reporting by all of you. Felix Salmon is a shite reporter and will be called one by people more important than me someday. Mark my words.

    One quick trip to the DC bikeshare site says: The Capital Bikeshare system is self-service to empower users to make relatively quick, short distance rides around town.

    Also, there is no shortage of bikes for tourist to rent. HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THIS? What is wrong with all of you?