POW-people on wheels

On my way home from work I stopped and meet Helen Ho (seen in the photo on the left) and her associate who are starting a new bicycle organization called POW (people on wheels) They had a small table at the base of the Ed Koch bridge (Long Island City side) to take photo portraits and introduce themselves during the second week of Bike Month.
Their concept is to create a voice for under represented members of the cycling community: Women, people of color and delivery bikers.
Here is POW’s mission statement from their facebook page:
“The cycling community is amazingly diverse, but this diversity is not well represented in the bicycle advocacy discussion. Our goal is not to speak for riders who are traditionally excluded from the conversation. Instead our goal is to encourage all riders, regardless of age, race, gender, or cycling ability, to let their voices be heard.”
The idea for their group came out of the 2nd annual youth summit.

They don’t have a website yet, so for now follow along at Facebook/POWpeopleOnWheels and Twitter/@POW_Bike

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