Rumble in the Jumble

I briefly popped over to the 4th annual Bike Jumble this Saturday and was blown away with how big it’s gotten. Thanks to organizer Harry Schwartman, NYC’s premier swap meet for bicycles, parts and clothing has almost tripled in size with booths and sellers extending down the dead end street next to Park Slope’s old stone house, into a handball court. There is some vending here from established bike sellers and shops but the heart and soul of this event is individuals selling their stuff, vintage frames, shoes, cranks…we all know cyclists are akin to hoarding. This is really what makes the jumble so great, it’s kind of like live and direct craigslist.

Definitely a bright future for this event:

Great place for clothing…socks, hats and jerseys.


Your almost garunteed to find something you think you need and like this sign says:

It’s about making an offer. Sweet Rolf rims.

There are also pretty good collections of used and vintage bikes at affordable prices.


There is a good chance you’ll find some succulent vintage road frames along with their sellers who have great stories about each frame.



Black label was in the house rocking some great mutant creations, like a tandem tall-bike.

Some of their members are planning a cross country tall-bike journey back to the Mother Ship…Minneapolis.

Here’s DJ Dirty Fingers swapping parts and beats.


20120521-171342.jpg(taken from @NYCmesskings)

More cool frames:

Vespertine NYC was their with reflective fashions.

20120521-172620.jpg(picture from @cleverhoods)

Also the new bike shop in Bed-Stuy was there:
Bicycle Roots 1078 Fulton Street.



If you missed it, hoard your stuff. This is a great place to buy and sell.

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