Sidewalk tickets, not just for hipsters anymore

If there were a chart of complaints of the transportation set of NYC, topping that list for cyclists would be cars blocking bike lanes. Of equal value of kvetching for pedestrians would be bikes riding on the sidewalk. Biggest of those offenders are food delivery workers who seem to relentlessly use these spaces designed only for pedestrians, thus making average commuting cyclists feel their getting a bad rap.

Now I’m not a big fan of using punitive punishment to try and correct this behavior, but this seems to be the direction the city may be taking with new proposed legislation.

Great more ticketing. In light of giving the NYPD more power to target cyclists, it may be the only way to transform the mindset that it’s time we all started using the road in order to transform the city into a more livable place.

Kurt Boone, the messenger poet, sent me this Daily News article:

City looking to increase fines for delivery cyclists who ride on sidewalks.
Legislation would allow Department of Transportation officers to ticket transgressors.

By: Reuven Blau & Tina Moore
Published: May 29th, 2012

20120530-184045.jpg(photo by: Jefferson Siegel

Takeout on two wheels may soon be getting a lot more expensive — for the delivery guy and the restaurateurs.
The city is looking to increase the number of enforcement agents and jack up the current $100 fine on annoying commercial cyclists who illegally ride on sidewalks, officials said Tuesday.
Legislation being hammered out in the City Council would allow a new cadre of Department of Transportation enforcement officers to ticket transgressors — an army of agents to work alongside the NYPD.

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