Transporation Nation abandoned bike map.

Transportation Nation’s Alex Goldmark is putting together a source map of abandon bike’s in NYC.

Perhaps this is a good time to check the map and make sure your ride isn’t being categorized as “abandoned,” or if you have a local neglected bicycle in your neighborhood, add it to the map.

Here is more from the site:

What counts as an abandoned bike? That is determined by these criteria set by the DSNY:

is not rideable
appears to be crushed or unusable
parts are missing other than seat or front wheel
bicycle has a flat or missing tires
the handlebars or pedals are damaged, or existing forks, frames or rims are bent
75 percent or more of the bicycle is rusted

The bike must be locked to public property including: light poles, bus stop signs, parking meters, trees, tree pit railings and bike racks.

DSNY says they receive many calls about possible abandoned bikes, “but upon inspection by our field supervisor a large percentage of the bicycles don’t meet the criteria to be classified as derelict.”


So if you spot an abandoned bike, snap a picture and send it to If the location feature on your phone or camera is enabled for photos, we can pinpoint the exact location right away. Otherwise, include information in your email about where the bike is and what else you know about it, and we’ll manually put it on the map.

Find out more, here.

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  • CTP

    but what’s the point? are my taxes paying for this nonsense? can i take my boltcutters and help myself to any of these officially abandoned bikes now?