Crackdown summer part 2-your opinions.

With the nice weather out, I’ve been able to do much more of my favorite pastime. No not mutant bike polo,
CHUNK Polo (photo by: knifefight.)

No, I’m just talking about good ol fashion bike riding:
Just picture a bicycle under me in this photo.

–I’d love to be writing about great positive things like the Tour de Brooklyn, but instead I see headlines like this, from the bike snob:

“There’s no surer sign of springtime in New York City than when the anti-cycling cockblockers emerge from their hidey-holes and resume their seasonal efforts to outlaw the act of riding a bicycle.”

So I’m forced to write about the latest NYPD crackdown on bicycles.

Here is an article in NYMAG:

With Nice Weather Comes Ridiculous Bike Tickets
By: Joe Coscarelli
Published: 6/1/12

The sun’s out as summer approaches, and so are the city’s cyclists, which means the NYPD is not far behind with a flurry of tickets. The Village Voice reports that officers have been setting up around town to police riders, and they’re not just looking for major infractions. One woman describes being stopped by a cop in Williamsburg for an examination recently: “He explained that this was a checkpoint for enforcing bike safety, and that I was about to be issued a summons for failing to have a bell on my bike.” That’ll be $90.

Asked about the prevalence of these stops, the NYPD said, “We will not be giving the times and locations of our checkpoints.” Streetsblog reported a similar “ticket blitz” this week in Central Park, where cyclists have complained in the past about being excessively policed for things like not stopping at every red light and even speeding.

Entire article, here.

–>So how does everyone feel about this new NYPD crackdown with secret checkpoints? Please leave your comments below, I’d really like to get a discussion going.

5 comments to Crackdown summer part 2-your opinions.

  • If they’re worried about bicycle-related public safety, the NYPD might invest in some education for motorists and cyclists, rather than focus on grabbing some quick revenue and bad PR.

  • Michael Green

    Thank you for your comments. I recently saw a similar checkpoint operation in Portland Oregon. The police were standing side by side with a cycling advocacy group like our own TA handing out information on cycling safety. This is how it should be done. The police claim it about safety…”operation safe cycle” with $90.00 fines to teach a lesson?

  • CTP

    my comment got lost because of the stupid captcha code. so there.

  • Jan d

    Last winter I attended a local tree lighting ceremony, where there was also a police presence. They eyed my bike thoroughly, not in admiration or disdain, but in frustration, looking for whatever was missing. Want to get their goat? Have a little bell, have a little light, fork over all that change for a couple of reflectors. The bait and tackle shops carry clip on little bells for the fisherman’s poll to signal a nibble. Does that count as a legal bell?

  • Michael Green

    Please post again.