Crackdown summer?

Just saw this in the village voice:

The Voice just got some info suggesting that the New York Police Department might boost bike ticketing efforts, including setting up more cycling safety checkpoints around the city — and the NYPD doesn’t plan on informing the public beforehand.
Here’s what’s up: a reader was recently riding away from the Bedford Avenue L-station and saw a squad car and two officers stationed near North 12th Street, near the corner of McCarren park, where she encountered a bike checkpoint — an encounter which prompted us to ask a few questions about the NYPD’s efforts.

Read the posting, here.

Typical. Another summer where biking popularity soars and a massive bike sharing program set to launch in a month. Meanwhile the NYPD increase their harassment campaign with secret sting operations in the name of safety, such as the egregious offense as not having a bell. Wonder how NYC drivers would feel about an increase of roadblocks checking every car for a working horn?

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