Lucas Brunelle-Line of Sight DVD is here!

Lucas Brunelle has a unique hobby. He is the only human being who can properly cover the experience of an alleycat race, a bicycle race in live traffic. With front and rear mounted HD helmet cameras, Lucas has traveled the world recording this most hair raising and cycling sport phenomenon. Oh yeah, he’s also done it on frozen rivers, on the great wall of China and underwater too.

But the covering an alleycat race is where the true magic comes alive. I’ve known Lucas from many years and had the pleasure of interviewing him in person while working on a pilot documentary project, a true professional always with a warm smile and a great story to tell. I’ve also been involved with him as a film maker strategizing on how to cover these type of alleycat events. One of his biggest advantages is being able to keep pace with most riders, especially the leaders and maintaining proper coverage, keeping the rider in perspective even when they are narrowly sliding through a jam packed intersection or skitching a moving vehicle at 40-50 m.p.h. Something only Lucas Brunelle can do. After a race, Lucas was always the guy you wanted to go to see footage and it always left you wanting more. Well finally, it looks as if he has his own DVD set to come out, which you can pre-order a copy. Often featured at the Bicycle Film Festival, introducing:

LINE OF SIGHT, the movie.

Directed and edited by Benny Zenga, order your copy today at:

If you get a chance, spend some time on the website to find some hidden gems about the whole alleycat culture. I especially like the gallery section and Lucas’s ten years plus of collecting spokecards from around the world of the races he’s done.

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