Social networked bicycle rental is here: Spinlister

So what is the Air BnB of bicycle rental? An online social netowrk of a community of people renting out their own personal bicycles to total strangers?

Check out: SPINLISTER.

2 comments to Social networked bicycle rental is here: Spinlister

  • Can you give some hints, how much the rental price is given for one day?

  • mike

    I get the rental support but I feel like most people from these neighborhoods that are proponents actually have a bike. While I think this is awesome and def want to see more riders my issue is having my bike stolen. SoI totally support the rental initiative but more so I support this This place is a bike parking/ bike storage facility in one of the most bike-centric/ bike friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn I just feel like with all the thefts that happen this just makes sense I’m not knocking anyone I just think it is a good solution for people like me.