the Bike Heist-the movie

I always like to promote new bike movies even if there from Canada.


Monday, June 25th in Edmonton, Alberta (that’s Canada) is a screening of new bike movie: THE BIKE HEIST.

Part of the Bikeology Festival and bike month in June. (in Canada)

Here is a message promoting the film:

Greetings Most Beloved + Faithful Heistians,

We’ve dreamed big dreams + made bold promises as we’ve worked our tushes off over the last couple of years to bring you this magical bromance/bikemance film. That’s why we’re SO excited to officially announce that The Bike Heist is no longer coming summertime soon, it’s coming at you summertime NOW.

(pause for uncontrollable fits of glee and a celebratory bike ride around the block)

For those of you here in sunny Edmonton AB, please join us as we celebrate the completion of the film on Monday night (June 25th) at the Metro Theatre (Garneau) at 7pm! This screening is brought to you by the AMAZING Bikeology festival, all for the low low cost of FREE!!!! Now you have absolutely NO plausible reason to miss this hilarious, tragic, and completely unpredictable film about the power of cycling, friendship and carving your own path to happiness. Grab your pals + buds and come kick it with your friendly neighbourhood Bike Heist team. It’ll be a night to remember for all time. Extra ups to all those arriving on bike and/or sporting the sexiest of all clothing: The Balaclava.

For those of you not in Edmonton, stay tuned. Now that this baby is signed, sealed, delivered, it will also soon be yours. If you or someone you know would like to host a Bike Heist screening, please email us for more info. Otherwise, we’ll be updating the site soon with upcoming screening + festival details, new teasers, our official trailer, virtual merch booth, The Official Bike Heist drinking game, AND MORE!!!! SO MUCH MORE!!!!! So keep checking back, and like us on FACEBIKE for the fastest updates in the wild wild west.

It’s June is Bike Month, The Bike Heist has landed… life is good. Come join the fun!

Chat soon,

The Bike Heist Team

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