Great Urban commuter for sale for #bikenyc

I haven’t done this in the past, but just thought I’d try it as an experiment. Who knows, maybe I’ll start my own bicycle want ads section.

A good friend of mine in Brooklyn NY, is selling her commuter bike and just thought I’d help spread the word. From Dominique: (the seller) Vintage frame. […]

Womstreet video contest-best fixed gear video. is a new website that hosts contests where participants create videos and then are voted on to win prizes.

There latest is sponsored by Jimmy Johns, gourmet sandwiches.

Check out the best Fixed Gear Biking videos…

11 days to vote for your […]

Vintage from Kevin Dillard

Had to post this…From Kevin Dillard photographer mastermind of Demoncats. Seen on

A classic spin on a famous vintage cycling photograph of the Tour de France from the 20’s-“Vervaeke and Geldhol smoked the cigarette.”

and now, alleycat style… […]

Chrome x IMINUSD new Delta Backpack

We missed the launch party,

but it’s worth noting that two great cycling companies have teamed up to put out one fresh new backpack, perfect for your urban city commute.

Take a great company out of San Jose California, who’s been catering to the freestyle fixed scene for years… IMINUSD, and add a […]