Another great video by Casey Neistat

Now this kind of thing happens everyday in NYC. An altercation, generally leading to a fist fight, between two people on the mean overcrowded streets where respect for fellow citizens seems to be overshadowed by everyone’s…sense of being in a hurry. However, what’s not so common place is capturing it on video, and even more so with great post production commentary as this video provided by what appears to be Casey Neistat. (correct me if I’m wrong)

Casey brought us such great videos as his impression of riding in a newly painted NYC bike lane which has over 5 million views.

I just saw his latest on

Here is Casey’s explaining a recent battle he came upon between a bike messenger and a cab driver. Truly a classic NYC matchup:

Now things aren’t always as they appear which this video clearly demonstrates. Just like I yelled at a guy on the bike path of the Manhattan bridge the other day for what looked exactly like a moped, which he later explained to my embarrassment that it was an electric bicycle.

The cab driver was clearly assaulted and in a strange twist of fate, the NYPD actually let the biker go (or maybe didn’t care to chase after him)

More often, video capturing the moment tends to tell a more truthful story. Now we can’t go around video taping everything on our daily bike rides…or…can we?

Here is a recent story in the NY Times about one Washington State cyclist who used video footage from a GoPro camera strapped to his helmet, to help identify a driver who hit him.

Cameras Are Cyclists’ ‘Black Boxes’ in Accidents
Doug Mills/The New York Times
By: Nick Wingfield
Published: July 20, 2012

)(photo by: Doug Mills/The New York Times)
Evan Wilder, who commutes to his job in Washington, was hit by a driver who cursed at him.

WASHINGTON — When Evan Wilder went flying onto the pavement during his bicycle commute one morning here, he didn’t have time to notice the license plate of the pickup truck that had sideswiped him after its driver hurled a curse at him. Nor did a witness driving another car.

But the video camera Mr. Wilder had strapped to his head caught the whole episode. After watching a recording of the incident later, Mr. Wilder gave the license plate number to the police and a suspect was eventually charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

Read more: here.

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