Bobotix x Instagram, take pictures, win prizes.

Boombotix portable speakers are a great option for mobile sound. There not the boomingist system in the world, but for a little durable unit, they pack a punch and are a great substitute to riding with headphones. Plus everyone gets to share your music style and so cute too. Here is a recent review in CNET magazine of the latest wireless bluetooth BB2 model:

By Josh Miller

My best description of the BB2 is that it looks like a cracked-out squid skull. The two circular speaker grilles in the front represent eyes, which you can remove and customize by purchasing different designs (those go for $5.99). On the top left hand corner is a star-shaped LED light that can indicate several things, including when Bluetooth mode is on, when the battery is low, or when it’s done charging.

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Instagram has teamed up with boombotix for a contest, where you take photos with your speaker, tag them with the hashtag #BOOMBOTIX and win prizes.

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