Brave Bicyclist Beats Badguys, Brings Bike Back in Brooklyn

I kind of missed this story, with some vacation overlap, but it’s such a feel good one, highlighting our great bike community that I felt urged to share.

This is Pheonix Res,
(Photo by Jesse Ward/NY Daily News)
Last week, she bravely thwarted a bike thief after cutting a lock and was about to steal a total stranger’s bike.

You know the old story, so perfectly illustrated by the Neistat brothers where…”Even if you’re really obvious about bike theft, nobody in this town is going to do anything about it.”

Pheonix flipped the switch, stopped the bike thief and then flyered the neighborhood trying to find the rightful owner of the bike she rescued.

Here is the story in the NY Daily News:

Brooklyn Heights bike hero stops thief and is in hot pursuit of the rightful owner.
Pheonix Res has put up fliers hoping to return the brand new bike

Monday, July 9, 2012

A fearless Bedford-Stuyvesant cyclist who thwarted an extremely rude thug’s attempt at stealing a brand new bike is now peddling fliers to find the owner.

Pheonix Res was able to stop a thief from cycling away with two chained-up bicycles in Brooklyn Heights two weeks ago .

The robber clipped the chain lock fastening both bikes to a rack on Joralemon St. but was only able to get away with one because of Res’ quick action.

Now Res has posted fliers all over the neighborhood hoping the owner of the one she rescued comes forward.

“It’s such an awful feeling to come out and see that someone has made off with your bike – especially a new bike,” said Res. “I couldn’t just leave the other one there for someone else to steal.”

Read the whole article: here.

It turns out, through her vigilance, the rightful owner was found:

The follow up story, also in the NY Daily News:

Brooklyn bike hero who stopped theft finally finds real owner
Pheonix Res hung flyers and told her story to the Daily News before finding Joshua Deal

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
(photo by: Julia Xanthos/NY Daily News)

A fearless Bedford Stuyvesant cyclist who rescued a brand new bike from a would-be thief and then peddled flyers to find its owner has found her man.

Cobble Hill resident Joshua Deal’s eyes lit up as Bedford Stuyvesant cyclist Pheonix Res presented him with the missing $760 bike he thought he’d never see again after it was nearly stolen from outside a Starbucks on Court and Joralemon Sts.

“You’re my hero,” said Deal, 29, a nurse in the burn unit at Cornell Medical Center told Res. “Everyone I’ve told this story to said, ‘Really? That happened?’ It’s a miracle on Joralemon St.

“Now I want to chase down a bike thief myself,” said Deal. “I want to pay it forward.”

Read more: here.

Well done. Seriously, this is a true case of: “If you see something, say something.” if you see someone trying to remove a bike lock with a saw or angle grinder, chances our this is not the rightful owner who just lost their key. A little effort of a scream or just acknowledging that a theft is in progress will probably go a long way.

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