It’s a handlebar, it’s a basket…it’s both!

Perhaps we have the food delivery messengers to thank for the rise in popularity of front baskets. I’ve especially seen more of them on fixed gears and other incarnations of the commuter bike.

Regardless of their origin, the front basket is very convenient for storing things especially for quick trips to the store. They definitely eliminate fussing with securing bags to the back rack or attaching panniers.

Front baskets come in two basic options, ones that detach from permanent hardware and ones that stay mounted to your front handlebars.

For those committing to the front basket, one San Francisco based designer has created the BARBASKET which incorporates the basket into the actual shape of the handlebars.


Chris Loumanen has created a pair of handlebars with an extra bar that holds a soft basket.

Here is a bit more about this innovative design from Chris:

The Barbasket is an elegant, functional way to take stuff with you on your bike. Its a handlebar with an integrated basket rim that supports a fabric basket. It holds your stuff snuggly, like a little hammock. And it has a bungeed flap on the top to keep your stuff in when things get bumpy. But the best part about it is that it does all this without looking like an janky add on. It becomes part of your bike.

The BARBASKET is the first product by Chris’s company NRML which looks like NORML without the O, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

I’m sure there is no corallation, but a clever name, I mean what do you expect from Northern Cali.

Chris has the bars all ready to go into production he is just working on the fabric portion. This product will sell for $120.00.

To get everything finalized, Chris has launched a kickstarter campaign.



Here’s the video:

If this is the first product, I think we’re we’re going to see great things for bikes out of Chris’s company. The BARBASKET is a nice twist on the usual front basket rig, I mean, why be NRML?

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