Race Against the Sun-July 19th


Dave August of the Red Hook Crit and Trimble Racing is throwing a race where riders will have to beat the remains of daylight.

Here is more from race organizer Dave:
The “Race Against The Sun” is an improtu race based off my favorite training ride. The idea is to leave NYC at 6pm with just enough daylight to make it to Beacon, NY by sunset. The challenge is that if you don’t ride fast enough you are stuck out on pitch black roads resulting in a nerve-rracking crawl to the nearest train station. Throughout the duration of the ride you will see the sun slowly lower towards the horizon. The sun waits for no-one.

Prizes awarded to the top 3 finishers by Trimble Racing and Gage + Desoto. No entry fee. Race at your own risk.

Date: Thursday July 19th
Start Time: 6pm sharp
Sunset: 8:23 pm
Start Location: George Washington Bridge (NJ Side)
Finish Location: Beacon train station
Train back to NYC leaves at 8:57 pm arriving at Grand Central by 10:25 pm

Race route:

Train Schedule.
Sunset Calendar

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