Stolen bike-Green Third Ward NYCbike

Michael Auerbach, is an associate with Rankin and Taylor who I like to call the bicycle lawyers…I mean need I say more:

His wife Lindsay had her green NYCBike 3rdward bicycle stolen yesterday, (7/25/12) early in the morning on Huron street between Manhattan and Franklin. (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

Be on the look out.

There are a lot of these bikes out there, since 3rdward gives them to it’s members. A few recognizable details, which may be stripped by now, are a brown wicker basket and an old school Brooks saddle.

According to Michael, the bicycle was locked with a kryptonite lock to a new tree support outside of their building. The thieves snapped a ribbon holding onto the support and lifted it over, lock and all.

Any information please contact:

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