Video Friday-7/13/12

Happy Friday the 13th! What could go wrong? Why worry about it…watch some great bike videos.

Title: Beastie 1
Seen on: Urban Velo
From Urban Velo:Graeme Obree is still plugging away at his kitchen-made bike to break the bicycle-powered speed record. This video shows his first ride on the machine with the pedal system in place. I don’t know, my expectations of his success were knocked down a notch after watching him struggle and strain with the contraption, despite assuring the cameraman that “it feels great”. I’ll be anxious to see the bike used at a greater speed. Stay tuned.

Beastie 1 (Computer) from David Street on Vimeo.

Title: Tour de Frack
Seen on: Urban Velo
From Urban Velo: Fracking, as many of you know, is a part of the process of extracting natural gas from the Earth. To say it’s become the source of a contentious issue would be an understatement. The Tour de Frack aims to raise awareness of this issue. Check out

Title: Sue Denim-Bicycle

From Urban Velo: As far as songs about bicycles go, this one from Sue Denim wavers from uber-corny to annoyingly catchy with just a hint of Queen’s “Bicycle Race” to be heard if you listen really, really hard. It might grow on you (or not), but the animation is solid and quite creative. There isn’t much more to it. Bicycle glorification, british accents and some eye candy. Enjoy.

Title: Bike Zambia Fundraiser
Seen on: Urban Velo
From Urban Velo: Granted, this 300 mile ride just ended on Thursday, but the Bike Zambia group is still accepting donations and continuing to raise awareness about the issues surrounding HIV and poverty in Zambia. The stats in the video are quite shocking and I highly encourage you to support this group in any way you can. They are pro-science, pro-prophylactics and not aligned with any religious missionary groups. They are just using their bikes to do good work, period.

You can see photos from their trip on the blog

Title: Wolfpack Hustle. The Midnight Drag Race.
Seen on:
July 28th 2012. We are going legit. The Historic 2nd St. Tunnel in Los Angeles gets shut down for Wolfpack Hustle’s first legally permitted race event. At the core is a precision timed all out bicycle sprint race. Hundreds will attempt to qualify, the top 16 men and women will go head to head bracket style till the dog tags get awarded.

Register now at:.

Title: State Bicycle Co.-Valley of the Sun
We went out with some cameras and a few friends and put together this edit. We hope this gives everyone a nice feel on what it’s like to ride in our hometown of Phoenix / Tempe, AZ. No matter where you are we hope you can relate to the great feeling and freedom that comes with riding.

For more info please contact us at:

Credits: Shot & Edited by Tyler Quinn of Ah Dios

Title: “Raindog Days”-Section from my time will tell DVD
Seen on:

Title: Red Bull MiniDome-Sáo Paulo
Seen on:

Title:Golden Saddle Cyclery-Babylon Riders
Seen on:
From Prolly: Seen on:

GSC Babylon Riders from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Title: Trans Europe Express
Seen on: TRACKO

Title: A Manual for Speed- Driveway Time Trail 2012
Seen on: TRACKO

Title: Izhar cardboard bike project
Seen on:
Source: here.

Izhar cardboard bike project from Giora Kariv on Vimeo.

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