Wiggin out on Wiggins.

Everyone seems to be getting UK’s Bradley Wiggins fever as his lead in this years Tour de France seems to imply he might be the one to take it all. This makes British fans extremely excited just a few weeks before the olympic games comes home to London starting July 27th, where Bradley is also a sure favorite to take gold.
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Here is an interview with Bradley from the UK cycling blog, The Back in April he did a collaboration with mod clothing company, Fred Perry and sat down for a chat about his tour ambitions and fashion.

The Bradley Wiggins Interview

Back in April an e-mail dropped into my inbox entitled ‘Fred Perry x Bradley Wiggins – interview opportunity’, my heart started pumping. I opened it and read that Fred Perry wanted to offer me the chance of a face to face interview with someone who is not only one of my favourite cyclists but also a top favourite to win Le Tour de France this year, this was the big time!

What the hell was I going to speak to Wiggo about? Part of me wanted to decline the offer because it was almost too much to even comprehend but I knew that would be stupid. A week later I was on a train to London complete with interviewer’s notebook and Parker pen…

Having never conducted a formal interview like this before I didn’t know what to expect, I wrote down about a million questions on the train because I didn’t want to run out, I had a 15 minute slot which sounded like an eternity, I can’t even chat to my best friends for that long.

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Bradley is constantly being questioned about doping given the past history of procycling, and is often frustrated by the barage of reporters line of questioning, especially after winning a 100 mile plus stage race through the Alps.

To address some of this media frenzy, Bradley himself recently wrote an op-ed in the Guardian:

Bradley Wiggins: I can never dope because it would cost me everything
If I took drugs I would stand to lose my reputation, my livelihood, my marriage, my family, my house, my titles …

Bradley Wiggins, Friday 13 July 2012
Bradley Wiggins of Team Sky is the centre of attention before the start of Friday’s stage of the Tour de France. Photograph: Bogdan Cristel/Reuters

There have been a couple of questions asked about doping this week and I don’t feel I’ve been able to give a full answer. I understand why I get asked those questions given the recent history of the sport, but it still annoys me. It’s hard to know what to say, half an hour after finishing one of the hardest races you’ve ridden, when you’re knackered. The insinuations make me angry, because I thought people would look back into my history, the things I’ve said in the past, such as at the start of the 2006 Tour when I turned up for a first go at the race and Operación Puerto kicked off, what I said when Floyd Landis went positive, and what I said when I was chucked out with Cofidis after Cristian Moreni tested positive in 2007.

On the way home after that, I put my Cofidis kit in a dustbin at Pau airport because I didn’t want to be seen in it, and swore I would never race in it again, because I was so sick at what had happened. Those things I said then stand true today. Nothing has changed. I still feel those emotions and I stand by those statements now.

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