27 year old cyclist killed in Cincinnati

It hurts to even post this. Something all cyclists fear. Biking early in the morning, with traffic, with lights, following the rules of the road. Then cut down in the prime of life by a motor vehicle.

My condolences to the family of Andrew Gast who was killed in Cincinnati doing what he loved, cycling.

Saw this in Urban Velo


Yesterday morning a 27-year-old Cincinnati cyclist was killed while riding down a 2-way street. He was riding with the flow of traffic and wearing a helmet, unfortunately, all safety precautions became mute when the driver hit him from behind. The accompanying photo tells a cut and dry story and highlights the vulnerability of cyclists no matter what safety measures we take. Although I was hesitant to post this image, if the effect is a reminder to always keep an eye on what’s coming, then our job is done. Unbelievably, the author of this article openly wonders “why Gast was riding on the road instead of on the bike path along the side of the road”. Look at the wider image in that article. The “shared use path is gravelly, broken and filled with potholes still retaining water. Yeah, WHY wouldn’t he ride in that? And maybe the more pertinent question is why the driver HIT AND KILLED A CYCLIST RIDING PROPERLY? I’m sure this author is getting reamed, but feel free to have a cathartic release of your own.

Anyways, be safe out there friends. Tailwinds Andrew.

Every Bicyclist Counts reports that the Cincinnati Cycling Club held a memorial Tuesday at 6:30pm.

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  • Roger Stevenson

    My condolences go out to the family of Andrew, he was a good friend of mine and a kind hearted soul. Be careful out there guys.