Bicycle Roots on holding the NYPD’s AIS more accountable

Bicycle Roots, the woman’s owned bicycle shop (1078 Fulton St.-Brooklyn) wants to do more than just sell bikes:

At Bicycle Roots, we try to be more than just a bike shop. Any shop can sell bicycles. But we consider the business of building a community of cyclists to be our main commodity.

They are working hard to pressure the NYPD’s Accident Investigation Squad (AIS for short) to investigate crashes between motorists and cyclists.

Here is more from their blog:

Recently, there have been a number of high-profile cases in which a reckless driver has harmed or killed a cyclist, pedestrian, or other user of alternative transportation. These cases are not occurring in isolation—it’s the rule, rather the exception, that a reckless driver can walk away from the scene of the crime with little more than a slap on the wrist. No fines, no jail time even when they have killed or severely maimed an individual.

This affects our whole community. We know that safety is the number one concern of local riders. Everyone has either had an incident with a driver, or knows someone who has. This fear is legitimate, and it’s a big obstacle to getting people to consider their bicycle as their main form of transportation. Join us in holding the NYPD’s Accident Investigation Squad (AIS for short) accountable for investigating these incidents properly, and setting a precedent for other municipalities in handling incidents between drivers and users of alternative transportation.

They site a story of the shop’s PR director Cassandra, a former messenger, who shares her personal account of a crash in NYC on the job.

It makes for a good personal account of a crash and example of how much the NYPD need to take these violent encounters much more seriously.

Read more: here.

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  • Thanks for sharing our story with your followers; it’s so important for the whole NYC cycling community to work together on this. As a longtime reader of this site, I can’t help but feel a little famous (printed out a copy of the article to stick on my bulletin board!). I just want to make sure you’re aware of the details of the campaign and how to get involved, which you can find here:
    Thanks again and please email me if you have any questions about the campaign or how to get involved.

  • Mike

    This is a great post and it is even more awesome that Cassandra (the owner) is on here posting and interacting and trying to build the cycling community in NYC. Another place that is trying to so similar things is Park Circle Storage they have awesome people they have normal storage and special bike parking for cyclist who just want piece of mind for their expensive and awesome machines and they are ever offering bike safety course soon I think places like Bike roots and red lantern and Park Circle Storage are great for NYC. here is the website in case anyone is interested They are running 25% off the bike rental right now FYI.

  • Reckless driving dangerous for all of us. Reckless drivers not only harmed cyclist, pedestrians and also make their own lives difficult. We all know that it is easy to harm other but it is difficult to give benefits to other. Drivers should follow traffic roles and try to keep them and other out of danger. It is good to be late instead of not coming.