Brooklyn Bike Patrol

Here is an LA Times story about how one Brooklyn resident started his own bike patrol to escort woman home at night in order to feel safe.

Brooklyn Bike Patrol on a roll after attacks on women

By: Tina Susman
Published: August 7, 2012
20120807-171802.jpgBrooklyn Bike Patrol volunteers, from left, Ryan Finger, Timothy Wright-Bodine and Jay Ruiz prepare for a Friday night of providing safe escorts home from subway stations. (Aaron Showalter, New York Daily News / April 20, 2012)

NEW YORK — Jay Ruiz’s cellphone rang about 3:30 a.m. on a stifling Saturday.

It was a woman. As usual, she wanted Ruiz to meet her within the hour and take her home.

Ruiz hauled himself off the sofa where he’d been watching TV, jumped onto his bicycle and pedaled swiftly through Brooklyn to the subway station where the caller was due to arrive. Then, after walking her safely to her door, he rode back home, back to his wife of 19 years, and waited for the next call.

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