CMWC Chicago

Congratulations to all those who participated in this year’s CMWC in Chcicago.
From their blog:

Preliminary results were posted

Sino from Japan is a maniac and may very well be the fastest messenger in the world…again.

The main race was today and were are eagerly waiting to find out who won.

Big shout out to all the NYC couriers in effect.

for the ladies:
Kym “nonstop” Perfetto,
Heather Muller
Laura Bobe
Ali Kowalsky

the Guys:
Austin Horse
Alfred Bobe Jr.
Josh Whitesnake
Andrew “Yeti” Escobedo
Geri “GerBear?” Lacaj
Corey “The Demoralizer” Hilliard
Aias “Sexy” Cienfuegos
Aaron “49” Lipke
John “Johnny Five” Alcantara
Tony “Stoned Tone!’ Monroe
DJ Fakemoney

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