Cyclists confronts thief, gets it all on video.

Have you ever wanted to meet a bike thief? Confront them? See what kind of lowlife human being would steal our livelihoods, our modes of transportation, our friends we call our bicycles?

Well thanks to one tenacious Portland resident who got some friends together and documented the whole thing, now you can get a front row view.

Jake Gillum was the victim who’s pride and joy bicycle was stolen from his hometown of Portland. He found his bike posted on an ad in Craigslist in Seattle and went there, posing as a potential buyer. This is some great insight into what to do if you find yourself in a similar circumstance. Here is his story:

My bike was stolen in Portland. I found it on craigslist in seattle. My friends and I did a home-made sting operation. We got my bike back. And the thief got a felony arrest. It was peaceful, and no laws were broken. We got it all on video.

Here’s that video I made that basically says everything:

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The thief’s name is Craig Eric Ackerman. He was booked in Seattle on 8/11/12… in case you want to look him up.

I have proof of everything. Police reports, documentation on my bike, his craigslist posts, lots of video not shown on youtube, email transactions.

I’m trying to get the word out to thieves that there are people like me that will track them down. I want to help empower victims of theft to actually stand up for themselves.

-Jake Gillum (It was my bike)

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