FreshDirect with bicycles

Looks like food delivery giant FreshDirect might be attempting to get more green with bike delivery in Midtown.

From DNAinfo

FreshDirect to Deliver Food by Bicycles
By: James Fanelli
Published: August 29th, 2012

MIDTOWN — FreshDirect has plans to deliver its greens by going green.
The mobile grocer is mulling a Midtown pilot program to use bicycles to ferry food to customers, according to sources. The program could start in as soon as a month.
To prep for the program, FreshDirect employees boned up recently on the city’s bicycle rules. Two workers attended an Aug. 14 forum the city’s Transportation Department hosted to explain its upcoming enforcement of commercial cyclist rules in January.
FreshDirect declined to comment on its bicycle plans but said in a statement, “We are constantly looking for ways to go green so we’re open to this idea as well as others.”

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2 comments to FreshDirect with bicycles

  • CTP

    midtown has the worst daytime parking in NY, so i’d say this is a “business” decision not a “constantly looking for ways to go green” decision.

  • Join the boycott! They are still proposing a thousand truck trips a day in our South Bronx community!

    FreshDirect proposes to use $130 million in subsidies to occupy public waterfront land in the South Bronx, imposing 2,000 daily vehicle trips through a community already facing asthma rates five times the national average. This company is a parasite on the public: they use public dollars to aggravate public streets with noise, exhaust, and waste.

    This is the waterfront location we always bike with the Time’s Up! environmental tour.