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I just wanted to spread the word on a documentary project I truly believe in.

For over ten years film maker Daniel Leeb of Cinecycle has been immersed in the world of NYC bike messengers and the underground culture of Alleycat street racing.

Primarily he has followed two of the scenes most prolific riders and fiercest competitors, Alfred Bobe Jr. and Felipe.

Daniel is a superb film maker on this subject and has acquired years of footage and although the film is not yet complete, I know it Is going to be an amazing portrayal of this unique cycling lifestyle.

There is now a kickstarter page for this project to raise funds for its completion.

Here is more about the project from Daniel:

It was the summer of 2001 when I began a journey that has lasted over 10 years. I have followed and documented the rise of an underground subculture with its own language, code of conduct, mysteries, heroes and dreams. Racing along side these urban athletes, the world of the bike messenger has become my life, their community has become my family, and some of the fastest men on two wheels have become both my closest friends and the subjects of this documentary.

We are launching this Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary for post production and our last remaining shoots. After filming for 10 years, the editing process is no small task, especially when we are talking about editing 500 hours of footage down to 90 minutes. By participating in the project, you will become part of our family and you will aid in the completion of a film that is a true testament of human survival and a document of a magical time in New York when anything was possible … as long as you had a bike to get you there.

Video trailer:

Help fund this awesome project at their kickstarter page.

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