J. David Goodman on Transportation Alternatives past and future.

An in depth article on Transportation Alternatives, their history and moving forward in a time of new bike growth and possible delays.

For Bike Advocates Delayed Gratification

By: J. David Goodman
Published: August 10, 2012
20120813-164942.jpgADVOCACY Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives. Photo by: Chester Higgins Jr.

It was supposed to be the summer of bike share.

And for Transportation Alternatives, the bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group, it was supposed to be a time to celebrate. A fund-raising party in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn — complete with a choreographed “Bike Ballet” — was set for Aug. 23, a date chosen early this summer and meant to occur long after the bikes had rolled out.

The party will go on. But, with Labor Day looming, the city’s bike-share program, to be the largest in the country and once promised for July, has not yet hit the streets.

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