key #BikeNYC player goes #BikeLA, we say goodbye 8/8/12, Red Lantern Bicycles

Do you know fashion designer ( ) and blogger ( ) Nona Varnado?

You should, oh wait she’s leaving us. Nona has accepted a job in Los Angeles with the super rad bike shop Orange20.

Don’t worry, Nona has great stuff planned no matter what coast she ends up on.

Here is more about what’s going on with this bike community super star:

First the bummer: The cycling apparel concept (pop-up) that I had been planning with Hudson Urban Bicycles is NOT happening. The good news? I’m taking it to Los Angeles!

More than just a project: I’m moving myself and the production of my apparel line out to LA. I’ve accepted a role with Orange20 Bikes to develop their community outreach, development and sponsorship programs. (shhh!) Plus a super fun LA-based bicycle travel project that’s yet to be announced! No launch dates yet, but by XC season, be prepared for things to get super awesome in Southern California.

The apparel line will go on hiatus while the move, projects and production come online over the next year.

New Stuff!
In NYC there’s a bunch of exciting bike culture surprises coming up, from other pop-up’s to new shops, parties & events. I will be releasing ‘The Golden Bike Shop List’ a zagat like guide of the best, friendliest and most innovative bike shops in NYC. With the cooperation of Transportation Alternatives and a few fantastic sponsors, I’m hoping that the Golden Bike Shop List will grow into a trusted guide for a new audience of cyclists in NYC and expanding to LA & beyond.

The Bird Wheel will continue to be an active voice in bike culture and cycling for women. My partnership with Mike Green’s will grow as the ‘sister blog’ focused on the female perspective, but the content will also develop a bi-coastal emphasis on events in both NYC & LA. Liz Jose, who organizes the amazing WE Bike Program in NYC has generously agreed to take on much of the NYC specific advocacy work that I have done over the last several years through the resources and people that are working to make women’s community development in NYC the gold standard (sorry! couldn’t resist :) There is the very good chance that through Liz and Transportation Alternative, The Ladies Program for Bike Month will also continue as well as the events, shop outreach and creative side projects. I have absolutely loved creating the ‘Meet Your (Bike) Match parties, Maintenance & Manicures, women’s intro rides, Ladies Bike Brunch and so much more. I would like to thank everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging over the last several years.

I’m not disappearing – I’m just bringing the party to a new city! More than NYC, #BikeLA needs help to get the tidal wave of support and participation happening for everyday riders. I would please ask that you extend your talent, experience and generosity in helping me crush car culture! There will definitely be times that I will need all of you to give a little advice, make something happen or just send goodwill out to the giant car-clusterfuck that needs to be saved and that takes everyone working together.

Together we’ve changed NYC. I hope you’ll continue to support me as I move my efforts to #BikeLA.

You can get a chance to say goodbye to Nona and meet great #bikenyc people at a going away party hosted at:

Red Lantern Bicycles (345 Myrtle Avenue, between Adelphi and Carlton.) in Brooklyn.

Please come by Wednesday, August 8th starting at 6:30pm until, they kick us out.

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