Thule presents: The Way I Roll-documentary series from Peter Sutherland

Thule, is a Swedish company who makes some of the best bike racks for the roof of your motor vehicle. Just in case you need one of those things to go biking.

They are presenting an interesting video series created by “PEDAL” filmmaker Peter Sutherland called: “The Way I Roll.”

Here is the trailer:

This is a six part series and features three of my favorite bicycle people:

Lucas Bruenelle daredevil allecat race videographer who has traveled the world with helmet cameras rolling on an underground sport only he has been able to truly capture.

Seth Rosko, one of NYC’s elite bicycle frame builders making some of the sweetest welds in the local area.


King Kog’s Gina Marie Scardino, Owner of one of the longest running track bike boutiques in Brooklyn, as well as super awesome drummer and Mom.

These will be appearing on Thule’s Youtube channel.

Here is a schedule:

Peter portrays the following people in the films:

Chris Van Dine, Jim Thorpe (PA) – available 29 Aug
Downhill rider and philanthropist. Shows one of his second homes in Guatemala, where he rides and contributes to society development at the same time

Nicole Duke, Boulder (CO) – available 31 Aug
Downhill and cyclo-cross pro. Explains how her passion for biking has given her another turn in her bike career.

Lucas Brunelle, Edgartown (MA) – available 2 Sep
Alley cat race photographer. Rides in beautiful settings and talks about his need for speed.

Salvador “Sal” Barbier, Los Angeles (CA) – available 4 Sep
Skater and BMX collector. Shows his extensive collection of old school BMX frames which he calls “The Guggenheim of BMX”.

Gina Marie Scardino, Brooklyn (NY) – available 6 Sep
King Kog bike shop owner and drummer. Gives a unique tour of her legendary shop and takes the family on a velodrome afternoon.

Seth Rosko, NYC (NY)) – available 8 Sep
Skate park and bike builder. A true NYC hero reveals his bike-centered whereabouts in the city he loves.

and about director Peter Sutherland:

Peter Sutherland is a NYC-based filmmaker, photographer and artist. He is famous for his documentaries and for portraying the things that interest him personally, like youth culture, urban culture, graffiti, skateboarding, and of course bikes. Peter grew up in rural Colorado, where all the cool kids were into bikes. Soon he was too, and he loved the expressive element of the sport. Later, Peter got into filming and in 1998 when he first moved to New York he did not have a job or any friends, and needed to put his energy into something. He bought a Sony VX 1000 video camera and started filming skateboarders, and he was hooked right away. One of his most famous movies is Pedal, a fast-paced documentary about the bicycle messengers of New York and the dangerous lives they have. His images have been featured in iconic magazines such as Vice, i-D and XXL.

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