Unicycle on the sidewalk summons cleared. Whew.

A man riding his unicycle on the sidewalk in Canarsie must have been a huge torn in the side of the NYPD. 18 year old Isaih Rosemond was using non-polluting transportation to get to his high school, but was thwarted for his efforts by the cops who yelled: “Hey, Don’t you know it’s illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk?”

Fortunately, a sensible judge who knows how to count things like wheels, threw out the case and said a unicycle wasn’t an illegal thing to operate on the sidewalk.

From the NY Post:
Unicycling teen gets sidewalk summons tossed

By: Antonio Antenucci
Published: August 11th, 2012

He one!
A unicyclist who took on the NYPD was victorious yesterday when a Manhattan judge tossed his ticket for riding a “bicycle” on the sidewalk.
“Unicycling is not a crime!” Isaih Rosemond, 18, crowed after Judge John Delury tossed the ticket the Brooklyn teen said he never should gotten in the first place, because it’s not against the law to ride one-wheelers on the sidewalk.

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