Video Monday-8/20/12

More videos to start your week off, right?

Title: Flight of the Conchords-Mel Dreams
Seen on: Urban Velo
Here’s a blast from the past. Love the hair helmet.

Title: Fairdale Weekender
Seen on: Urban Velo
We’ve got one of these in house for test, so be on the lookout for a full review. In the meantime check out

Title: Portland Design Works-community Works-Summer 2012
Seen on: Urban Velo
Dan Powell is the co-owner of Portland Design Works, a sometimes contributor to Urban Velo and the real deal guy in the industry who just loves to ride a bike. I’ve spent some great times raging on two wheels with Dan—if you like Urban Velo you’d like his sort of trouble. He’s the guy grilling dogs in the Rock Racing cap. Pretty awesome to see PDW doing so well the past few years, and even better to see how far they’ve gone in spreading the love back to the rest of the cycling community. A model for us all.

Title: Bicycle Film Festival Helsinki
Seen on: Fixed Gear TV
It was a smooth and fun ride to Bicycle Film Festival Helsinki and back.
Music: Husky Rescue – Summertime Cowboy

Title:New Trials Video with Dominik and Matthias

Title: Invisible Bicycle Helmet
“If people say it’s impossible we have to prove them wrong.”

Design students Anna and Terese took on a giant challenge as an exam project. Something no one had done before. If they could swing it, it would for sure be revolutionary. The bicycle is a tool to change the world. If we use bikes AND travel safe: Life will be better for all.
Join the conversation and tweet #InvsHelmet to have your tweet featured on the Focus Forward website. Go to to see the discussion.
Check out more films in the Focus Forward series at

Title: ArtCrank Party @Bicycle Habitat – Soho New York 2012
Seen on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide

Party in Soho. Sounds cool for Rhode Islanders. Better yet it was about bikes and art, and the cultural transformation that is taking place cities. With beer too. At the alluring Bicycle Habitat on Lafayette Street.

Music: “The Wolves” by Ben Howard
Beer: Widmer Brothers
–August 9th, 2012 SoHo. NY

Title: “Premium Rush Bicycle” aka AFFINITY (METROPOLITAN) Frame
Seen on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide
Thank You for Affinity Cycles for the Metropolitan frame, it’s really a fast frame and a nice geometric track set up and good to be handle on the New York’s streets.
This is the same model use by Austin Horse and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the movie “Premium Rush” premiere it this August 24, 2012.

“Premium Rush Bicycle” aka AFFINITY (METROPOLITAN) Frame from Urban Cyclist Worldwide on Vimeo.

Title: Premium Rush Parody: I Am a Bike Messenger
Seen on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide

Title: My Reasons to Ride – Lindsey Bower
Seen on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide
This is Lindsey’s video submission for Raleigh Bicycle’s My Reason to Ride contest. She talks about her passion for cycling, why it helped her to learn a new city, and why she started her mass-themed ride group, Crank-Set Rides.

My Reasons to Ride – Lindsey Bower from Dan Krivenki on Vimeo.

Title: BFF – psycho beach party gold sprints
Seen on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide

BFF – psycho beach party gold sprints from The Skeleton Key on Vimeo.

Seen on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide

ALLEY CAT RACE from Jean-Darcel Michel on Vimeo.

Title: Welcome to the Team Edgar “WILLO” Juarez
Seen on:

Welcome to the Team Edgar “WILLO” Juarez from on Vimeo.

Title: The “BIKE”-by Andrew Rusli
“The bicycle is the noblest invention of mankind.” ~William Saroyan (Nobel prize winner)

T H E ‘ B I K E ‘ from Andrew Rusli on Vimeo.

Title: Iridefixed Modena
Seen on: Cool Bike Videos

Iridefixed Modena from pietro occhiuzzi on Vimeo.

Title: Bike Ride for Ghana – Virginia to Montreal
Seen on: Cool Bike Videos
The goal here is not just to arrive victorious and breathless in Montreal (although.. you can count on this happening), the event is aimed to raise awareness and to raise funds for IMPACT’s mission.

Next destination: New London, Providence and Boston!

Title: ArtCrank the Movie!
Seen on: TRACKO

Title: HMPL No.15 Saddle Bag spot #1
Designed to hang nicely under the saddle of most any bicycle, the No. 15 transports all of your essentials without the burden of a backpack. Save your shirt and your dignity on a hot summer’s day, unless you always ride shirtless. It’s big enough to hold a 15-case of beer, roughly 15x11x7″ when rolled up.
The joy of the No.15 is its versatility. If you want to leave your saddle alone, you can throw it in your basket, strap it to your rack, attach it to your handlebars, sling it over your shoulder—the possibilities are endless.
Where we’re from, rain is an inevitability. Constructed from durable waterproof materials, the No. 15 will keep your things dry in a downpour. This doesn’t mean its 100% waterproof, but it’s pretty damn close.
Find out more: HMPL.CA

HMPL No.15 Saddle Bag spot #1 from Matthew on Vimeo.

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