Video–oh whatever day.

Here are a few bike videos:

Title: Almanzo 100
Seen on: Prolly
How does a man move and shape a culture? Our love of storytelling compelled us to find out, so we dug into the story of the Almanzo 100 gravel road race–the granddaddy of them all. We found that a single man’s passion for community has manifested itself in a bike race. The challenge: to race 100 miles of gravel roads without assistance or outside support. Pain and suffering exist temporarily, but the satisfaction of a battle won will empower these racers the rest of their lives. Call it a movement if you’d like but please don’t call it a fad. Gravel racing is here to stay.
Directed by: Tony Franklin
Director of Photography: T.C. Worley
Edited by: Matthew Kroese
Assistant Camera: Johnathan Chapman
Assistant Camera: Matthew Jensen
Location Sound: John Fontana
Sound Design: Kent Militzer
Colorist: Sue Lakso
Music: Doomtree

Almanzo100 from Royal Antler on Vimeo

Title: Factory 5: the Daily Grind
Seen on: Prolly
By Prolly: Ever wonder what it’s like to ride in Shanghai? This new video from Factory 5 shows us just a taste. Man, I wanna get over there so bad. Thanks to Tyler for sharing this!

Title: PathLessPedaled – Swift Industries
Seen on: TRACKO
We interview Martina of Swift Industries, an independent maker of panniers in Seattle. She tells us about the bag making process. She also shares with us the conflicts she has with doing businesses in the current economy.

Title: Francis Roque for Zontrac
Seen on: zlogblog
We recently added Francis Roque to our flow team. Here’s a chill edit that he made for his welcome.
Filmed by: Andy Ha, James Vanotti, Tommy Mao, Dawson Phan
Song: Pete Rock – The Best Secret

Title: Kagon Doyle in the good ol’ Pacific Northwest
Seen on: zlogblog

Title: Team Spider at Premium Rush group ride
Here is Chris Ryan from Team Spiderat the New York City Premium Rush Group ride.

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