Wheels 4 Workers-SEIU 32BJ’s ride for building service workers.

I got an email from Eugenio H. Villasante, Assistant Director of Communications for SEIU’s local 32BJ. This union has more than 120,000 members in eight states and Washington, DC, and is the largest property service workers union in the country.

He wanted to let me know about an upcoming ride in solidarity with workers rights. Always down to support my local brothers and sisters especially when they taking it to the streets…on bikes.

“Hey Mike, I’ve seen your blog and I may want to give a heads up to NYC bikers on 32BJ’s Bike Ride for the American Dream to call attention on some luxury real estate developers like T.F. Cornerstone denying their building service workers, safety-training and advancement opportunities afforded to 55,000 building workers in NYC.
“I feel I’m stuck as porter for life,” said Danny Carranza, one of the worker who will be riding on August 10th against the race to the bottom that is undercutting standards and opportunities for workers like him.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer described this fight as “an issue about fairness and equality,” and many of the workers at the Chelsea and Long Island City luxury Cornerstone developments where residents pay “big bucks” in rent think is a matter of developing the skill they need to advance in this industry.

See our facebook invite for more info:

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