Yes it’s that bad, Bike Thieves turn to Grave Robbing

If you think the bike theft in NYC isn’t so bad, check this out…

From the Park Slope Patch

Thieves Targeting Ghost Bikes For Parts
By: James Schuh
Published: August 7th, 2012

Thieves are now stripping parts from “ghost bikes,” the white bicycles placed as memorials to slain cyclists, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

“It’s very disrespectful and it makes me furious,” said bike activist and filmmaker Dan Gingold. “People wouldn’t be disrespectful in a cemetery or a national monument.”

The paper says that the thieves have mainly gone after “easy-to-snatch parts,” with the frame usually remaining chained in place.

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1 comment to Yes it’s that bad, Bike Thieves turn to Grave Robbing

  • I could only shake my head after reading this post. How could they not have the heart to think what those white bikes are for? Could they be so cruel not to even feel the spirits of those slain cyclists when they stole those bike parts? If only many of the modern society’s members would know how to pause even for a few minutes before doing something as crazy as dishonoring a memorial like this one, our society would be in more peace.