Bicycle District in East Village


Transportation Alternatives has teamed up with 150 local businesses to create a “Bicycle District” in the East Village. Consumers will receive discounts and freebies for arriving by bicycle to stores with participating stickers in their windows. There will be a kick-off launch party and bike tour tomorrow (9/22/12) at Veselka’s Ukrainian Dinner, corner of 2nd Ave and 9th Street (Manhattan)–11am.

Here is an article from DNAinfo:

‘Bike District’ In East Village, Lower East Side Offers Deals To Cyclists Updated 4 Hrs Ago

Published: September 21st, 2012

EAST VILLAGE — Not having to pay for gas isn’t the only thing saving cyclists cash.

Bike-loving businesses of the East Village and Lower East Side are banding together to create a “bicycle district” that will give discounts to those who prefer to travel on two wheels.

Transportation Alternatives, the nonprofit group that advocates for cyclists, is launching the initiative Saturday with a map outlining businesses that offer deals to bikers, while also working with local stores to improve biking infrastructure.

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More info on the event: here.

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