Fyxation’s new looks for 2013 and straps for me

I have to give a big shout out to Fyxation, makers of sleek fixed gear cycling parts and now frames (more on this in a minute.)
They were super kind to answer my request for some new pedals and foot straps.
For you brakeless fixed gear riders out there who haven’t tried a foot retention system, this is worth giving a shot.
Not as easy to get your foot into as a classic track pedal and metal toe clips, but where it lacks in a quick flip of the foot, it makes up in a secure and snug fit that really locks the shoe in for serious power stopping. For urban commuting, brake or not, these straps do not incumber the foot, until you really need it. Free style riders have really embraced this system for popping wheelies and a wide variety of tricks. I’ve found these straps incredibly comfortable on my daily commute for quick handling to avoid the onslaught of joggers who think bike lanes are their own personal running track.

Fyxation hooked me up with their classic Gates pedals, inspired by the world of BMX. These are made out of high impact nylon for all kinds of abuse and incredibly light weight. They have a molded surface for a grippy ride and come in 7 colors for your color mix-and-match needs.
To complement the system are highly durable Gates straps made with nylon and 2″ of solid velcro.
These straps really mold with your foot and maintain their shape. There are a lot of straps out on the market, and the gates pedals will take just about any one of them. Gates straps will work with most BMX platform pedals.
Meanwhile Fyxation has been super busy. As well as maintaining a large selection of handlebars, tires, saddles and stems they have just released their 2013 catalog which includes 3 new framesets, taking urban cycling to a whole new level.

Here is a little about their new product line from Fyxation:

One product we’re particularly excited about is our Quiver frameset.
The concept behind this bike is to offer riders and shops a versatile frameset that can be built up as a single speed/fixed gear, internal hub or geared bike. This one bike can be your “quiver” due to it’s versatility. We used 132.5mm rear spacing so the frame can accommodate a wider internal hub or a cassette.

To maintain the look of a single speed bike we used a horizontal dropout and the frames come with removable cable stops if you’re running gearless.

In order to get around the issue of hanging a derailleur off of a horizontal dropout we designed our own derailleur hanger that can be used to mount a derailleur.

The Quiver is our street frameset and will be available in black, white and silver with a bladed/aero track fork.
The Third Ward is our city frameset and has the same geometry as the Quiver but will be available in polished black and beige with a more traditional curved fork. Both can be built up with fenders and racks so any rider can customize their bike as they see fit.

Looking pretty hot, and innovative too. For their complete 2013 catalog, go here.

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