Nora and One Left-Cycle Chic Anthem

As fashion week’s madness passes here in the big city, a bicycle still remains the best accessory on the street and off the runway. I mean just look at these guys:

Now I believe there is a soundtrack to go with this worldwide cycle chicdom. Ladies and Gentleman presenting Nora and One Left, a D.C. based band that is the perfect accoutrement to a leisurely bike ride in your hood or around the globe.

They were kind enough to give me a free CD and I’ve been riding with it for a couple of weeks now with their smooth poppy and whimsical sounds floating in my head space.
Nora and One Left remind me a lot of the pop anthems of the 60’s like the sugary flavor of the Turtles and more recently the playful harmonies of the Swedish band the Cardigans. This is light fun stuff with an occasional ukelele and banjo thrown in for a little Southern Twang. If Country is about pickups and gun racks, then let Nora and One Left be modern country for tandems and bike racks.

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Their most notable hit is “Cycle Chic” , which is a real worldwide roll call to all the European towns to ride in and the Cycle Chic Republic that started as a fashion blog in Copenhagen and has clone sites all over the planet.

This is a really fun album with lots of great tracks, perfect for a mellow ride on your bicycle: “Lazy Afternoon”, “Out in the Rain” and “On Down the Road” to name a few. It’s all about how no matter what, bad weather, lost relationship…life’s just better on a bicycle, or at least it’s a great way to clear your head.
I’m not sure if every song on this album is about bike riding, but I can’t help but think when Nora sings: “Got a dollar in my pocket, got a song to sing, And I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, We’ll meet on down the road…” It’s meeting friends for a bike ride.

I really like this album for its fun spirit and gave it a shout on my website’s ad column. Definitely give it a listen on your next commute…with one ear bud (that’s the law) or a portable speaker…of course.

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