Remembering 9/11

Today is definitely a day of reflection. Remembering all those who lost their lives on this day, eleven years ago.
I felt compelled to ride my bike today to my job site in the Bronx near Arthur Ave. It was 18 miles each way and although tiring, I felt determined to use a non-polluting form of transportation. As I rode home under the shadow of the blue beams of light, a memorial beacon in the sky, I couldn’t help drawing the connections between that ruthless terrorist act and our dependence on foreign oil. It made me think about the United States ties to to the Saudi’s and exactly what these relationships have caused in international wars and the collateral damage waged on both sides through the senseless murder of civilians.

I saw this on Urban Cyclist Worldwide. A collection of powerful photographs from 9/11.

A series from Remembering September 11th, the big picture.

I was also reminded of this video by cycling activist Christopher Ryan from the bike punk band Team Spider, and his production company, along with his wife Allie, Dedicated Lane Productions.

Chris was riding his bike around on September 11th, 2001 and recorded some video of that horrible day:

May we never forget. May we move forward as a country to find more equality in the world and to seek out cleaner sources of renewable energy.

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